Grew up in Pittsburgh 
Lives & works in Columbus, OH


Welcome!  I’m Bria. I’m a visual artist with promotion and instructional design experience and a bachelor’s from The Ohio State University. I studied Communication and triple minored in Creative Writing, Art, and Pop Culture which is a mouthful to say in person but is surprisingly impressive on paper.


I have a passion for compelling stories and diverse characters, especially if they involve emotional growth and dragons (as all good stories should have). I’m interested in working with these projects whether that’s through social media and promotion, art, or writing. Above all else, I care about making cool stuff with like-minded people.


Currently, I am one of the head narrative designers for No Mercy: For Lorne Hope, which is set for release in late 2018. When I’m not working on the game, I spend much of my spare time trying to build the game dev community in Columbus through events like GDEX, wondering how many exclamation points are appropriate in a professional website bio, or petting dogs.


I am currently available for freelance projects. If you’re interested in working together, you can get in touch at bria.c.davis (AT),  or through social media!

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